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Hand built

Custom Cupolas

These cupolas are individually constructed of locally grown Eastern White Pine. Sanded and painted by hand, they receive two coats of quality primer followed by a coat of Benjamin Moore brilliant white exterior latex. The roofs are covered in 16 oz. sheet copper, hand nailed with copper nails. All curved roofs have soldered seams.

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Available in any shape & size.

Option Description
DOUBLE BASE If your roof pitch is greater than the maximum pitch given, a double base is needed to accept the cut. 
EXTRA LOUVERS If you wish to create a taller cupola, extra louvers may be added. Each row adds 1" of height to your cupola.
SCREENED Louver section screened on the interior. 
RIGGING Additional rigging needed to receive a " weathervane shaft.
* unless weathervane is being purchased from us.
LIGHT SOCKET Light socket installed below the louver section, with removable louvers on one side, and 20' of 14/2 Romex wiring.
ROOF ANTIQUED Copper roof artificially antiqued.
PROTECTIVE COATING Clear protective coating added to the roof.
ARCH If you wish to add an arch to the top of the louver section.
NOTE: We strongly recommend also adding two extra louvers when adding an arch. The arch tends to cover most of the top louver.
SPECIAL PAINT If you wish to have the cupola finish painted in something other than Benjamin Moore Brilliant White Latex, we will be glad to locate what you are using, if possible. Please be very specific as to brand name, mixing formula, gloss, etc.


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